NICCY – Promoting the Rights of Children and Young People

Working with NICCY was one of the highlights of my year, not just because I support the work that they do but also because I was able to work with some of the young people I have worked with on other projects. The models where selected from a number of different youth programs that I have been involved in over this past few years.

The extra tech help in the form of other freelancers including Nick Koch ( & Adam Smyth ( I produced some striking images with the young people as models and was also able to incorporate a few local architectural icons to gel situate the imagery firmly into Belfast and Northern Ireland.


This Translink job was tough. I had to get a wide variety of images from the wide variety of services and I wanted the beautiful shiny happy faces of ‘Mr & Mrs Joe Public’. So I had to pack up what gear I could carry and go fishing, so to speak. I didn’t really have a technique in mind. I just sort of went to my nearest bus stop, picked an individual and asked loudly if they would do me a favour and when they said yes (most of the time) I then told them what I was doing and asked if I could take their picture etc. That was when people started to say ‘No’. But the people that did say yes were great and I was able to get some great shots. Later I encouraged a few friends and family to join the mix and got a wonderful array of images that really showed off the Translink experience.

I did notice a stark difference between the train passengers and the bus passengers and even a small difference between Metro & Ulsterbus passengers. Train passengers are by far the most quiet and unwilling wannabe models. Acceptance of the zero pay modelling contract was done by approx. 30% of all NI Rail passengers. All were polite, with a simple “No thanks” and an awkward smile. Metro & Ulsterbus passengers combined accepted the Modelling career T&C’s with a healthy figure of around 75%. But by far the most impressive was Metro alone. I think approx. 95% of Metro passengers agreed to having their photograph taken. I even got a few ‘Can I do it’ from some people. Although, on balance I did get some spectacular “NO WAY’s” and “Absolutely not’s!”. Swings and roundabouts I suppose.


Coffee at Mauds – Holywood

Christopher Philips from Mauds Ice cream in Holywood wanted a chance to show off his coffee making skills as well as tempt his customers with a selection of choice coffee. Christopher asked me to come along and capture a few moments for the establishments pending ‘coffee wall of fame’. How could I resist.

The sheer intrigue of watching the man work coupled with fresh coffee delivered throughout the shoot, was a delight. I would definitely recommend that you sample his work whenever you get a chance… did I mention the ice cream is sensational.


Balmoral Show

Working alongside WHITENOISE STUDIOS is a joy. They have a great team and I get pushed and inspired when we get to work together and on this shoot I was definitely pushed and inspired. Setting up a photo-shoot is nothing new. When cows & pigs are the models it changes everything from normal to not normal. I soon realised that one of my feet was firmly on unfamiliar ground. I was pitched the idea by the project Art Director Alex, so I knew what I was getting myself in for.

But don’t get me wrong it didn’t even nearly help prepare me for that trailer pulling up in the cold warehouse in the Kingshall, Belfast and a cow backing out into the cowboy studio (no pun intended) that I had just built. I have never been so mindful of the fragility of my equipment. The cow and pigs where on their best behaviour though, under the watchful eye of their proud owner. Even Mark Case one of the owners at Whitenoise was at his best as he resumed his annul cameo appearance as Balmoral Show Model.