It was clear from the start that Maura is an organised woman. She knew off the top of her head most if not all the details of the big day when we first had our meetings. (Which is always a good thing) So when I arrived that morning to start the big day I was surprised to see Maura calmly sitting getting her make up on. I was unaware that there had been a slight problem with the make up the first time round (a potential reaction to something) that had been totally out of Maura’s control. But still quite calmly Maura was relaxed and trying to enjoy the morning. The other girls had been enjoying champagne that Carl (Maura’s Father) had been generously splashing out on anyone who looked dry. Altogether it was a busy and fun house, kids playing, bridesmaids chatting and brides-to-be having their make-up done & re-done.

I can only assume that Maura is normally the time-keeper in her group of friends and potentially her family. It was only after the cars had arrived that anyone went to check their watch and realised that we had rapidly run out of time. So we had to bundle our stuff into the car and make it to the church. But it was all worth it. Maura looked  stunning, the church was filled with joyful family and friends and Geoff was star struck. The whole day was beautiful and relaxed even with the morning problems. Geoff and Maura have a strong friendship group that obviously love them and evening was filled with laughter and one or two epic dance moves.