A Beautiful Irish Coastal Wedding: Emma & Jason

Emma and Jason’s wedding at the stunning Slieve Donard Hotel was nothing short of a fairy tale. With the breathtaking backdrop of the Northern Irish coastline, their special day was filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments. As a wedding videographer and photographer based in Belfast, it was an honour to capture every detail of their celebration, blending fun and fast-paced videography with timeless and elegant photography.

Emma and Jason: A Perfect Match

Emma spent a lot of time in and around Rossglass/Newcastle and always dreamt of a wedding that was laidback and full of fun. Her vision for the day was clear: a celebration where the dance floor would be packed from start to finish. Her love for the scenic beauty of her hometown was evident, and she was particularly keen on capturing some stunning shots around Rossglass, hoping the December weather would play along.

Jason, on the other hand, is known for his charm and fun-loving nature. His speeches were filled with heartfelt sentiments and a touch of humor, showcasing his ability to bring joy to any occasion. His passion for football and his dedication to his family and friends were recurring themes in the speeches, highlighting his admirable qualities and his close-knit relationships.

The Vendors Who Made It Special

The couple chose some of the best wedding vendors to bring their dream day to life. The dress, a sleek and elegant creation from Sassi Holford, perfectly matched Emma’s sophisticated style. The rings from Lunns added a touch of sparkle, symbolising their eternal love and commitment. Their venue, the magnificent Slieve Donard Hotel, provided a picturesque setting that added to the day’s magic.

For photography and videography, Emma and Jason trusted us, Ball and Wolf to capture their memories. As their wedding Photographer & videographer in Belfast, it was a privilege to document their love story. Maria Gorman and Olivia Muldoon worked their magic on Emma’s hair, ensuring she looked stunning throughout the day. The beautiful floral arrangements from The Flower Room in Belfast added a perfect touch of elegance and romance.

A Day to Remember

Emma’s father reminisced about her childhood, sharing stories that painted a picture of a caring and determined woman. He spoke of her adventures, her dedication to her career, and her unyielding love for her family. Jason’s father echoed these sentiments, expressing his admiration for Emma and welcoming her warmly into the family. He also praised Jason’s achievements and the strength of his character.

The groom, Jason, took a moment to thank everyone for being part of their special day. He shared his excitement about starting this new chapter with Emma, highlighting their shared dreams and aspirations. The groomsman added a light-hearted touch with anecdotes about Jason’s antics and their long-standing friendship, bringing smiles and laughter to all.

A Fun and Fast-Paced Celebration

True to their wishes, the wedding was a fun and lively event. The dance floor was indeed full, with guests enjoying the energetic and fast-paced music that kept everyone on their feet. The blend of fun and serious moments throughout the day reflected Emma and Jason’s personalities perfectly, making it a day that everyone will remember fondly.

As a Belfast wedding videographer and photographer, capturing these moments was a joy. The fast-paced wedding films and fun wedding photography ensured that every laugh, every tear, and every dance was immortalized. Emma and Jason’s wedding was a true celebration of love, family, and friendship, and it was an honor to be part of their journey

Gratitude from the Couple

Emma and Jason sent a heartfelt message of thanks: “Thank you so so much Carl, absolutely love them. Thank you both so much for being so helpful and fun on the day too. We couldn’t have had a better day if we tried. Thanks a million, Emma.”

Emma and Jason’s wedding was a testament to their love and the strong bonds they share with their family and friends. With the beautiful Slieve Donard Hotel as their venue and a team of talented vendors, their day was everything they dreamed of and more. As they embark on this new chapter together, their wedding day will remain a cherished memory, beautifully captured by Ball and Wolf, their trusted wedding videographer in Belfast and photographer in Belfast. Here’s to a lifetime of love, laughter, and happiness for Emma and Jason!

Emma & Jason // Wedding Teaser // Slieve Donard Hotel from Ball and Wolf on Vimeo.

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