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Balmoral Show

Working alongside WHITENOISE STUDIOS is a joy. They have a great team and I get pushed and inspired when we get to work together and on this shoot I was definitely pushed and inspired. Setting up a photo-shoot is nothing new. When cows & pigs are the models it changes everything from normal to not normal. I soon realised that one of my feet was firmly on unfamiliar ground. I was pitched the idea by the project Art Director Alex, so I knew what I was getting myself in for.

But don’t get me wrong it didn’t even nearly help prepare me for that trailer pulling up in the cold warehouse in the Kingshall, Belfast and a cow backing out into the cowboy studio (no pun intended) that I had just built. I have never been so mindful of the fragility of my equipment. The cow and pigs where on their best behaviour though, under the watchful eye of their proud owner. Even Mark Case one of the owners at Whitenoise was at his best as he resumed his annul cameo appearance as Balmoral Show Model.

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