The Galgorm Spa // Stephanie and Sam’s Stunningly Beautiful Wedding

Stephanie and Sam’s wedding at the luxurious Galgorm Spa was a beautiful celebration of love, faith, and family. With the serene surroundings of Galgorm, their special day was filled with joy, laughter, and heartfelt moments that truly captured the essence of their love story. As a close friend and the videographer from Ball and Wolf, it was an honor to shoot the film. The film was sassy and fun-loving, just like Stephanie, who I have known to embody these traits. I always strive to create films that reflect the personalities of the people I work with.

A Picture-Perfect Ceremony 

The couple chose Galgorm Spa for its stunning setting, offering a tranquil and picturesque backdrop for their nuptials. The Galgorm wedding venue is renowned for its luxurious ambiance and exceptional service. Stephanie looked breathtaking in her elegant gown from Jill Jones Bridal, a perfect blend of sophistication and grace. Her look was beautifully complemented by exquisite jewellery from Ivy & Pearl, adding a touch of sparkle to her ensemble.

The day began with Stephanie’s transformation, thanks to the talented makeup artists Elanna McGowan and Emma Smyth. Her hair and makeup were styled to perfection, highlighting her natural beauty and making her glow with happiness.

A Ceremony Filled with Faith and Love

The ceremony was a beautiful blend of traditional and personal touches, officiated with warmth and sincerity. Sam’s father expressed his deep gratitude for the meaningful service, highlighting the message that resonated with everyone present. The love and faith that Stephanie and Sam share were evident throughout the ceremony, making it a truly moving experience.

Sam’s father shared heartfelt stories of Sam’s childhood, reflecting on his quiet strength, patience, and wisdom. These qualities have undoubtedly shaped him into the loving and thoughtful man he is today. He spoke of the challenges Sam has faced and overcome, emphasising how these experiences have made him stronger and more compassionate.

Stephanie: A Bright and Determined Spirit

Stephanie’s father’s speech was filled with pride and love, recounting her fearless and adventurous spirit from a young age. He described her leadership qualities and determination, traits that have always set her apart. Her journey has been marked by high aspirations and the drive to achieve her dreams, making her a perfect match for Sam.

Stephanie’s resilience and strength were evident in her father’s words, as he spoke of her ability to take on challenges and emerge stronger. He praised her for her compassion and understanding, qualities that have endeared her to everyone who knows her.

Capturing the Magic

Even though I’m a wedding videographer from Belfast, I really enjoy traveling up to the Galgorm Spa, and as a close friend, capturing these moments was a true honour. The fast-paced, fun, and emotional highlights of the day were perfectly encapsulated in the film created by Ball and Wolf. This unique wedding videography style was a perfect fit for Stephanie and Sam’s celebration. The photographs taken by Ken Haddock also beautifully captured the essence of the day, ensuring that every precious moment was immortalised.

The evening was filled with joy and celebration, as guests danced the night away. Stephanie and Sam’s wedding was a perfect reflection of their personalities: fun, lively, and deeply connected to their faith and love for each other.

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