This Translink job was tough. I had to get a wide variety of images from the wide variety of services and I wanted the beautiful shiny happy faces of ‘Mr & Mrs Joe Public’. So I had to pack up what gear I could carry and go fishing, so to speak. I didn’t really have a technique in mind. I just sort of went to my nearest bus stop, picked an individual and asked loudly if they would do me a favour and when they said yes (most of the time) I then told them what I was doing and asked if I could take their picture etc. That was when people started to say ‘No’. But the people that did say yes were great and I was able to get some great shots. Later I encouraged a few friends and family to join the mix and got a wonderful array of images that really showed off the Translink experience.

I did notice a stark difference between the train passengers and the bus passengers and even a small difference between Metro & Ulsterbus passengers. Train passengers are by far the most quiet and unwilling wannabe models. Acceptance of the zero pay modelling contract was done by approx. 30% of all NI Rail passengers. All were polite, with a simple “No thanks” and an awkward smile. Metro & Ulsterbus passengers combined accepted the Modelling career T&C’s with a healthy figure of around 75%. But by far the most impressive was Metro alone. I think approx. 95% of Metro passengers agreed to having their photograph taken. I even got a few ‘Can I do it’ from some people. Although, on balance I did get some spectacular “NO WAY’s” and “Absolutely not’s!”. Swings and roundabouts I suppose.


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